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YUKIA AZORAHA SANDARA, Founder and Creator of Sacred Worlds

Yukia is a coach/mentor who works on a multi-dimensional Ascension Soul level to empower others. She has dedicated her life for the past 35 years to assist humanity in the current planetary shift and is now using these gifts to help others discover their own spiritual gifts.

She has studied quantum wisdom from the stars and planets through Higher Learning Universities, from her guides and her inner core group “The Sun Elders”. From a very early age she mastered many teachings and healing technologies through the languages of light, both written and spoken which she has shared with her spiritual community since 2008. She augmented her full embodied awakening with interaction in indigenous cultures and sacred sites around the world. Yukia communicates at the level of soul consciousness, through her many multi-dimensional aspects. From these experiences, she has created her new “Sacred World Game”. The birth of this interactive adventure for children and adults together, was inspired by her amazingly gifted grandchild Rafael, who exemplified the innovative, creative, expanded awareness, many children are now bringing forth that are not being addressed by the current educational system.

She is a guide & mentor of conscious evolutionary change and transformation both in the Corporate World and in the Light Worker Community. In her long career in Human Resources, she specialized in Organizational Development, Change and Transformation. During this time she was a Partner with two large Human Resource companies, Change Lda and Nova Change.


WARRICK FITZGERALD, Director/Investor, Software Engineer for Online Game

Warrick is a highly qualified software engineer. Having worked in the blockchain space for several years, Warrick’s expertise has helped to launch public blockchains. As part of his roles he has focused on secure development practices and compliance. Prior to his career in the blockchain industry, Warrick co-founded JustProtect Inc., a Software-as-a-Service solution company that helped organizations of all sizes manage their Cybersecurity programs (NIST and ISO 27001 compliant).


RICK SCHLESINGER, Business Manager

Rick is a successful blockchain entrepreneur having founded, operated, and sold several businesses. Rick has helped to launch public blockchains and led economic and governance initiatives within the blockchain community.

Prior to his career in the blockchain industry, Rick worked for Ernst & Young, a global leader in audit and advisory services. While at Ernst & Young, Rick was responsible for cultivating business strategy and executing mergers & acquisitions for Fortune 1000 companies.

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As a business owner and entrepreneur Danielle comes to us with a vast experience in all facets of client service, project and event management, business operations and more. Her experience reaches far and wide from working for large multi-national corporations to owning her own businesses. She has worked in the U.S., Australia and the Cayman Islands and holds degrees in Business Administration and Graphic Design.

Danielle’s work as an event and project manager include producing and presenting learning and development courses for corporate executives, producing, designing and executing corporate events and other milestone events (i.e. weddings, retreats, etc.). Her work has been published in magazines such as Destination I Do and Destination Weddings.

Danielle works with heart-led and soul-centered entrepreneurs and startups to help launch their offerings and gifts to the world. She provides project management, business strategy and marketing support to her clients and their businesses.

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IVAN CAVERO LA TORRE, Creative Designer and Animator

A multifaceted artist whose skills range from visual art, character design, illustration, animation, cartoonist, art director, among others.

With studies in both plastic arts and graphic design he has created both printed and digital content for a diverse number of projects such books, videos, animation, comics and others for advertising agencies, publishers and production companies.

Ivan worked for Walt Disney Worldwide Italy for 4 years, as an illustrator and cartoonist for the comics, magazines, games and website of the company, a job that brought a big enrichment to his work, both in the technique as in the concepts.

His personal research of different ways to express, as well as using a diverse variety of tools and languages -as this is the core of his exploration- had made possible his own creations through his own brand that has produced t-shirts, toys, paintings, illustrations and many different items with his own unique and personal style.


LAURA MACDONALD, Content Development and Creative Writer

Laura began her career in New York where she profiled filmmakers and covered festivals worldwide as a journalist. In London, Laura took on developmental and production roles in feature films, working alongside Director Martha Fiennes and Producer Norma Heyman. She continued to write and was published by magazines such as Total Film, Neon and The Face. She worked with the British Independent Film Awards and was later appointed Creative Director for Filmaka.com.

Back in her home country of Australia, Laura produced documentaries and programmed film festivals, while developing a slate of projects. Since 2009, she has regularly worked with Teamwork Productions to produce the Jaipur Literature Festival in Rajasthan, India.

In Peru, Laura helped to write and publish stories about the Andes by primary schoolchildren, in English, Spanish and Quechua. She has edited and developed a number of books including Robert Luck’s novel Twisted Myths, Patries Van Elsen’s Paititi: The Magical Path of the Heart, Javier Regueiro’s Flor de Toé Diaries and Paulette Waltz’s The Call of the Vine. She is based in the Sacred Valley and is working on creative projects such as Sacred Worlds, while writing her tv series Third Eye.

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