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Gather your family and friends, open your hearts and minds and play a game that will help you discover your inner Golden Child.


 Sacred Worlds, the cooperative adventure game for all ages, is a path that opens the doors to Spirit, Creativity, Nature and, most importantly the discovery of Self.


Find your inner golden child and learn more about your gifts each time you play Sacred Worlds.  

As you progress on the journey, your voice, imagination and emotions help in making decisions that benefit all the realms and return the world to harmony.

Every time you play, the game is different! The random combinations of Character, Tool, and Adventure cards assures you learn, experience and feel something new each time.

Explore the EARTH realm of Avalon. Here you will meet AMOREYA who will empower you to trust and respect yourself in order to overcome any challenge.

Dive down to the UNDERWATER realm of Tortuga, where you will interact with LIAH Be reminded of the playfulness of love experience love and joy when you connect with others from the heart.

Beam up to the COSMOS realm.  Here you will encounter SEDARA, the cosmic dragon.  Sedara will help you learn how to be in the flow of life, transform obstacles into joy and return to your pure heart.


As children become familiar with the game through repeated play, they continue to open their hearts and develop their emotional intelligence. Each game helps build the skills of critical thinking, decision-making and cooperation, encouraging self-esteem and respect for the gifts and challenges of others.



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